Science and Tech Expo

A Gala Event celebrated over three days during Feb/March is the annual Techno-Cultural meet that the students eagaerly look forwards to. Its an event wherein the students get the opportunities to show their talents in various fun and skill based competitive events.

An exhibit of live projects (Live Project Competition), replica of structures depicting famous buildings, bridges and utilities of technical marvel around the world (Mega Structure), useful functional designs made out of waste (Waste-O-Craft), collection of art works of various form (Art Gallery), is done in open stalls erected in the large campus ground. The exhibition draws huge crowd of visitors from other colleges and institutes besides nearby localities. Visitors rate the stalls and competitors are appropriately awarded.

Quadcopter, the most popular event of the tech-expo is staged in the open field, wherein the copters and gliders designed by the competitors are made to fly against various hurdles placed in air. The smoothest flier begs the most coveted prize.

The evenings witnesses cultural functions in the open stage of the college. The entire campus gets illuminated. Performances by students and professional singers, dancers and celebrity icons make these evenings very enjoyable and leaves a lasting memory amongst the students.

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