Advantage - MBA @ GEC

Advantage - MBA @ GEC

  • 8 Number of placements per student
  • Faculties from academics and industries
  • Case study focus
  • Spoken English and soft skill training
  • Banking Coaching
  • Share market training
  • Digital Marketing course
  • Multiple traineeships
  • OWO
  • Affordable course fees

These 10 distinct advantagesofMBA @ GEChelp a student to achieve a better competitive advantage and enjoy a successful professional career.

  1. 1. Each and every student gets to appear minimum 8 number of interview, and it gives an assurance that all of them get placed.
  2. 2. MBA @ GEC offers a unique combination of faculties from industries and academics. It helps the students to correlate with their exposure to both.
  3. 3. A case study is an in-depth, detailed examination of a particular case (or cases) within a real-world context. It is an intensive study of a single unit or a small number of units, for the purpose of understanding a larger class of similar units.
  4. 4. Spoken English and Soft skill training: Soft skills are non-technical skills that describe how you work and interact with others, while the students are trained “how to speak in English".
  5. 5. Banking Coaching: Coaching to qualify for the bank PO/ IBPS exams and also the exams of corporate banks.
  6. 6. Trading in the Share market: Training is imparted to the students to operate in the stock market. Experts from MNCs come to train the students.
  7. 7. Digital Marketing Course: Students learn the basics of Digital Marketing services, such as ROI-focusedSEO, Paid Search, Social Media Marketing, and many more.
  8. 8. Multiple traineeships: A traineeship gives the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the sector a student is interested in while improving employability skills. It is arranged around the year (5 to 6 times).
  9. 9. Operation Work Out: OWO allows a student to work for an organization for a very short period of time. They are mentored by industry experts and faculties.
  10. 10. Affordable course fee: All these value additions, added with the teaching and training of MBA, make the course fees extremely affordable.

Further, our students of Business Administration can have:-

  1. 1. Guest lectures from the industries experts
  2. 2. Focused training to enhance the skill set
  3. 3. Certification programmes from the Govt. of India
  4. 4. Compete with the students of other B Schoolsat the state / national level
  5. 5. Undertake the quality enhancement programme like 6 sigmas