School of Electrical Sciences

School of Electrical Sciences

The School of Electrical Sciences at GEC Autonomous College offers the best study of Electrical Engineering in Odisha. The field of Electrical Sciencescomprises broad band of technologies in the topics such as power systems, electric machines, electrical drives, high voltage, network systems, control systems and power electronics etc. Besides the above subjects, some important courses for Electrical engineers are also taught to the students like analog and digital electronics, microprocessors, mechatronics, renewable energy, and other elective courses along with the laboratories with the latest equipment for benefit of the students. The faculty members in the School of Electrical Sciences are continuously up-grade themselves through the available facilities for research and in the advanced technologies in their related fields of Electrical technology. The School of Electrical Sciences encourages students to go for Industrial Training/Industrial Tour to various Industries and electric utilities all over India during their study on continuous basis. The students get the exposure to industries and learn the applied engineering technologies for enhancing their knowledge.

Programms Offered...

The School of Electrical Sciences at GEC Autonomous College offers

  • 4 years B.Tech program in Electrical Computer Engineering(60)
  • 2 years M.Tech program in Electric Vehicle Technology(18)
  • 3 years Diploma program in Electrical Engineering(120)

Electrical Science Engineering as Career options...

The power sector will never lose its value and the demand for efficient and green power supply, which is increasing day by day throughout the world. The power generating stations are looking for more professionals from the Top Electrical Engineering college in Bhubaneswar. The Electrical Engineering degree from one of the best colleges for Electrical Engineering in Odisha gives you a degree that is universal. Your subject knowledge of electrical engineering will become global in nature after passing out from the best college for Electrical Engineering placement in Odisha. The students can work with international reputed companies like Siemens, Tesla, ABB. The students can settle abroad with the right skills and become an expert in their domain of technology become an asset to the company. In recent years both government and private sectors are searching for renewable energy skilled engineers especially in the field of solar energy and wind energy.
GEC will provide you the knowledge in control system, renewable energy, power electronics, and power systems, which proves invaluable to firms where you can work to improve the technology for improving efficiency of solar cells or minimize hydroelectric losses. Another subsector which is coming up in the areas of wireless power transmission and hybrid automobiles offers a great demand for electrical engineers. As an electrical engineer who graduated from the top institutes in the list of The best college for Electrical Engineering in Odisha will become eligible to pursue higher studies in booming fields like Artificial Intelligence, VLSI and embedded systems, automation, and robotics etc. Electrical engineers do have great scope in government jobs and in PSUs like the Power Grid Corporation Limited, NHPC and BHEL, SAIL, IOCL, NTPC and Indian Railways. The companies release the huge job openings annually solely for electrical engineers every year across different posts and provides exciting benefits for its employees. Thus without a doubt, electrical engineering is truly one of the most intriguing engineering streams that are sure to set your career, when you graduate from the Best college for Electrical Engineering placement in Odisha.

The Road ahead...

Throughout your lifetime the above benefits influence on your professional life for achieving higher success. But make sure that to study and make your career in Electrical Sciences you should pursue the degree from a Top Electrical Engineering college in Bhubaneswar is like GEC. We assist you for improving your subject knowledge and nurture your talent by the best pool of professors and by the best practical exposure thorough the sophisticated well equipped laboratories to perfectly complete your degree as the country’s next electrical engineer.

Our Motto...

Peace be amplified, world be rectified is the motto of School of Electrical Science, We step up, We Transform and will throb through the earth like a pulse through a living organism. Besides the theory of electrical science we make transmission of messages for making the students fundamentally strong. Our motto is to study the language of electrical technology which is not only controlling machinery but also useful for the society. We provide the opportunity for excellent career prospective and create industry experts. The School of Electrical Science in GEC has been the best college for placements since more than one decade.

Program Objectives & Outcomes

Program Educational Objectives(PEOs)


To build the customs of team work and effective communication ability in our students to resolve compound engineering tribulations and other challenging issues.


Engineers guided by the values of sustainable development and worldwide inter connectedness; will understand how engineering projects control society and the environment.


To guide the Graduates with practical introduction to test and validate the characteristics of general electrical and electronics equipments / machines / circuit/ Control system and to construct up the skill to scrutinize, welcome and interpret the data for engineering applications

Program Specific Outcomes(PSOs)


Function of fundamental understanding to identify formulates and investigates various real time problems of electrical machines and energy systems.


Create awareness & provide solution for Energy Security and Environmental Concern in the area of Renewable Energy to meet out Energy demand.


Apply suitable techniques ,hardware and software tools to design ,analyze and test various systems in power electronics and power systems engineering adaptable to multi disciplinary environments.