Transport Facilities

Transport Facilities

A fleet of 20 buses, each of capacity 50, remain all the time ready to provide on the road communication facilities between the college campus and heart of the twin cities-Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. The facilities are offered to the students, their parents, and staff members who are availing it, as a complementary service. Besides regular to-and-fro communication between the college campus and various destinations in twin cities, the fleet of buses are also used for the following set of activities:

  • Students and Staff Picnic.
  • Industrial visit to nearby places.
  • Transporting students and staff to the venues of techno-cultural events organized outside.
  • Study tour to nearby academic institutions of national repute.
  • Carrying students and staff to various cultural events organized in and around twin cities.
  • Week-end visit to city centers.

In addition to the fleet of busses, the institution is also having a fleet of light motor vehicles such as Bolero and Cars, which remains readily available in providing commuting facilities for guests visiting the campus for various purposes.

Another vital component of transport facilities in the form of Ambulance remain available in the campus 24X7 for emergency medical transport service.

The transport services remain available to all the stakeholders of the institution as a complimentary service.